Around the awakening being was unknowable darkness.


All that was, and now is, was the one alone engulfed in the blackest black.

There was nothing that was not The One God. A being without any other being.

A very big something in the midst of the darkest nothingness.

The God moved and began to become aware of self. There were no words to communicate it and only nothingness to communicate it to, but God was becoming.

God moved more and began to experiment with movement.

Movement increased awareness. Both were found desirable. God felt different. The movement created changes in sound waves. Changes in vibrations for color. These experiences amused I AM and were satisfying for the moment of unmeasurable time and in unmeasurable space.

Without language, all was a flood of realizations. Realizations became memories. God noted patterns amid the many processed memories that were more likeable than others and patterns of movements God wished to avoid.

Creation, the manipulation of God's self by God, had begun.

Like a child with clay God made things, undid them and made other things. Though God would discard some, nothing went away. It was all of God's essence. This essence could not be destroyed. All of it was used again and again in the creation process.



The concept of having other thinking beings awakened in God's awareness. God began working to create beings that would live with the One God, the Creator, the I Am. Like a beginning engineer, God's inventions were mobile, but the creatures were big andclumsy. They did not think much and did not seem interested in commitment to what God was beginning to realize into being.

The One God kept working on creating creatures that could think and respond independently from God's self. After very much, yet unknown, time, God created what would be known as Souls. They were destined to be God's companions for eternity. Communication between them was by thought and both understood completely. No words were used, but none were needed. They were as one. Love, union, was all that was known. God’s loneliness was abolished. God realized it and was glad. All souls were satisfied being with God in spirit form and with constant and clear communion. This was, after all, their first reason for being.

God desired that they also be co-creators and care takers of creation. Some souls became part of the physical rhealm to take part in this second reason for being. For a while they were in all of creation and entered into bodies of the many planetary animals. But these Souls did not find these bodies rightfor them.

These early incarnations became barriers to returning to their original ability to communicate fully with God. The bodies did not allow the clear communication that the Souls had been capable of in their soul only state. A gradual decrease in awareness of God was unexpectedly encountered. God and the Unblemished Souls became aware of their decreased close companionship. They began to plan for the return to full communion with the "Lost Ones". The first part of the plan was to develp new bodies that were more receptive to God communication.

The new body became known on this planet as Human.