Why do you die?

What happens to you when you die? 

Do you have to die?

I hear many say that you do not go until your time is up. God determines it and takes you.  You have walked all your steps. You have breathed all your breaths. You accomplished your mission(s). 



Because God wanted beings that could relate to God, God created beings with free will. We are not like robots that do the bidding of God. If we had been created that way there would be no sin, no events opposing the Divine. So we can rule out all the above, except maybe that you accomplished your mission(s). 

What, then, determines that you die? 

You do. 

It all comes down to choices you make. 

What you eat.

What you drink. 

How and where you live.

Whether you exercise and how you exercise.

How fast you drive.

Doing things you know not to do to show others you are fearless and unafraid.

Accomplishing your mission(s) and deciding it is time to go. I once treated a very nice elderly woman whao had a chocolate empire she had passed to her family. To her this was her mission. Once she felt her family was handling everything OK, she decided to quit eating and pass away. Her mission was accomplished. Many tried to convince her to continue her life, but she did indeed quit eating and passed away/crossed over!

Do you have to die? No. But it is probably the best, because you need re-energized if you have not awakened to how this is accomplished in the physical form.

When you die you change your state of being. As an earthling you were a tool of your spirit. You volunteered to come to earth and accomplish a mission(s). You are not here due to sin, but your connection may have dimmed. When you die you disconnect from the physical and become just spritual again.  As a spirit you are energy. Your appearance is as a star.

Where you are is not a heaven. Your connection with God is once again established with unadulterated clarity. What becomes different is that clearity of communion. You are "atoned", or made "at one". So it is not a place, but a state of being. You have to dig a little, but there are those who realize this when they have near death experiences. The Bible mentions a golden cord and a silver cord attached to the body from the soul. Some say you are attached at the pineal gland, but I have also heard it be the parathyroids and have actually experienced it that way. I see more of a connection that a cord implies and also have seen myself encapsulated in a field of Gold color. If we have not fulfilled our mission(S), or are redy to accpet another, we do not have to die, BUT we do need to re-energize. So far I have heard of ones living for ever, but when they name them usually they have physically died and then their followers begin to talk about reincarnation and other avenues. Baba Ji is one of those, as was Jesus, Melchisadek, and others you will hear about. Maybe the ones actually doing it remain incognito, or maybe no one has acomplished it yet (or wanted to?). I do believe it is possible.

Please bring me your questions and I will expand on this as needed!