You chose to be born into the circumstance surrounding what became your physical body. This decision could have been in regards to a desired genetic makeup or because of expectations of events that would be encountered. Since the genetic makeup declines due to diet, exercise, belief, etc., the physical body can stray from your original intent. Since expected events are predicted on human behaviors and those involved's tendency to develop a certain way, the life chosen can evolve away from the original intention (because of freedom of will humans can alter their expected destiny for better or for worse, impacting themselves and those around them). To understand yourself better, review your life in terms of patterns you see from both of these.

Your soul has the power to create. You may feel at times like you are stuck and cannot do any better. You are a co-creator with God and creating is one of your "prime directives".  You have strong tendancies to be a certain way. Even if this does not fit the original intent your soul had for this life, you continue anyway. As a soul you can end this and get back on track (being off the mark, or off track, is the original meaning of the words now interpreted as sin). First you must "diagnose" yourself to know what should be changed and what should not. Meditation, prayer, study/education can bring these to light if you are attentive enough. Then constructive change can take place.

What affects the soul? How does the soul influence the body and mind? How do the two work together? The soul is your eternal self. It is like a computor on the internet. All information is available to your soul, but it needs directed to the information. There is information that you need to input. Your insight and new experiences become part of the internal computor and if applicable to the internet. In this case the internert is referred to as the Akashic Records. The soul is only effected from your present life by the adding of new knowledge and experiences. The experiences help it to understand this knowledge for application to your missions. The soul can interact with the mind, and can interact with the body through the mind. Meditation, self hypnosis, prayer, music and the arts (peaceful, reflective, integrative, centering, creative activities and events) can help with the conection to and from the soul. The soul will communicate to the mind and body what is right, what needs and should be  said and done, what is wrong and should be avoided, and all of the information needed for helping others and creation as a whole. To judge how well you are listening reflect on your health, on your satisfaction, on your happiness levels, and on how much peace, health,  hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom you have around you and are bringing to others.

How can you become the you you are meant to be?

1. Pray and ask for God to communicate to you through your soul the information you seek. "What is my mission?" "How am I to help others?" "How am I to help creation?"

2. Meditate to hear the answer. You may not get the answer audibly, but some do. Keep meditating and becoming aware. The answer may come to you in the shower. You may be doing something and suddenly know you need to do more of the same. Someone around you may casually say something that will trigger the insight. Just be aware. Be listening. Be observing.

3. Once you know (and this can change as you grow in even more awareness) develop affirmations. Do not develop meditations. Leave your meditations open to listening. Affirmations are more for saying throughout your day in full consciousness. Keep them simple, positive.

You have meditated and have related affirmations. Great! Now what? To take this a step further I feel it necessary to work with a sample. This is not meant for you to adopt as your own, unless you feel led that way. Your affirmation needs to be as personal as you can make it.

Soul awareness: After meditating you feel led to purify the earth's water.


1. I can and will become an expert about water and how to keep it clean.

2. I will lead others in purifying water in my area (county, neighborhood, state, etc., depending on what you see as your mission).

The two affirmations above reflect knowing and doing.

Keep your knowing and doing simple enough to be a part of your life like combing or brushing your hair. You do it every morning and you do not question it. It does not stress you out (I hope brushing your hair is like that!). You just get your brush and do it. In this case you talk to others in a friendly way. Don't judge. Don't act like they don't care (some might not, but they can benefit from hearing your ideas at least once). Just casually discuss it when you can. Be bold about it, but not agressive. Do the things you bring up to demonstrate the truthfullness of what you say and to demonstrate your own deication to it. Do not seek to rub it in or make yourself special. Your dedication will make you special in time without you trying for that. Your dedication is to clean water. The amount of energy and time you put into it will bring you attention on its own.

The mind and body get sidetracked in our physical lives due to changes in environment, poor exercise habits, poor eating habits and poor drinking habits. Our minds get side tracked due to not listening to the inner self, listening to others that lead you to their wrongful way of thinking, getting into the patterns of wrongful thinking yourself, wrong eating (sugars cloud memory systems, per sample), wrong drinking, wrong breathing.

Your soul does not leave you out in the dark You get information to lead you to what is right and from what is wrong.

Today make a decision. Will you become the real you, or will you stay the wonderer?