Each day presented below is a progression toward the end product of a healty new you. Once you make a change it continues on to the end and then as long as you want. If you have already been meeting the criteria for a certain day, you skip that day and go to the next (if you do not drink sodas and the day says to decrease sodas to one, then skip to the next day).

Begin deep breathing exercises: Use a tissue in front of you. Bend your elbow to 90 degrees and hold tissue in front of face. Blow onto tissue with enough force to move it. Blow out 6 seconds. Pause. Breathe in 6 seconds. Pause. Do for 6 minutes. Do 1-3 times a day. 


DAY 1: Add a tumeric supplement  daily.

DAY 2: No more than two sodas a day.

DAY 3: No more than 1 pack of cigarettes a day.

DAY 4: Stop eating potatoes. Decrease all nightshade foods (tomatoes, egg plants, peppers, potatos). 

DAY 5: Do one set of ten pushups or bench presses and ten bicep curls a day. Pushups can be performed standing and pushing back from the wall.

DAY 6: Eat a fresh salad everyday topped with pure virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

DAY 7: Stop eating wheat.

DAY 8: Sit comfortably in an upright position. Place hands over your heart. Breathe in deeply, an then out for a slow count of five. Repeat for six minutes. Do at least once a day, but as many times as you can is better!

DAY 9: Eat no more than three servings of grains a day.

DAY 10: No more sodas. No diet sodas, no reqular sodas, no ginger ales...

DAY 11: Do one set of ten stomach curls and ten superman/women curls (lay on your stomach and bring feet and shoulders off of floor/mat as if flying). This is in addition to the push ups and bicep curls.

DAY 12: Add spinach to salads

DAY 13: Limit sugar to no more than 60 grams a day. Start sweetening mostly with honey or pure virgin Maple Syrup.

DAY 14: Increase exercises to 2 sets of ten and add knee bends (at door) and heel raises.

DAY 15: Stop drinking alcohol and juices. Begin to drink 6 ten ounce glasses of water (60 ounces a day). Do not drink these from plastic containers.

DAY 16: Stop smoking. Stop any tobacco related intake.

DAY 17: No more beans.

DAY 18: No corn products and eat nor drink anything containing high fructose corn syrup.

DAY 19: Add a small handfull of nuts to your diet daily. Exclude non nuts (peanuts, cashews, pistachios). If you have gout avoid brazil nuts. You may add a few semi sweet dark chocolate morsels to the mix if desired.

DAY 20: Increase exercises to three sets of ten, and when you feel comfortable with them go to four sets.

DAY 21: NO COFFEE. Coffee is made from beans. Beans are acidic. To be healthy you need to be more alkaline.

DAY 22: Be outside for 15 minutes a day, two times a day preferred. 

DAY 23: Add cooked brocoli and califlower to your daily intake.

DAY 24: No more dairy products.

DAY 25: Eliminate added sugars.  Eliminate all artificial sweetners. Use honey and/or pure virgin maple syrup instead.

DAY 26: Take ginger supplements daily.

DAY 27: No meat except chicken breast. You may have eggs and nuts to help supply your protein needs.

DAY 28: Eat fruit daily. Eliminate all cakes, cookies, candies, pies, custards, puddings, fudges, chewing gum, taffy and cobblers. 

DAY 29: Add cinammon supplement and chewable calcium supplements.

DAY 30: Wash your hands often and brush your teeth 2-3 times a day.